Engineering and Special Services

Aerocon offers a complete range of engineering services to the aerospace industry. Our aim is to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your engineering needs. We provide design and support engineering services in the following categories:

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Special Projects

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Flight Test Services

In 1983, AEROCON added flight test services to its inventory of engineering and test equipment. Our combi configured aircraft is designed to facilitate the quick installation and removal of flight test equipment and personnel support systems. This aircraft provides the ideal platform for ease of flight test and observation.

In addition to our large transport aircraft flight services, we also operate twin engine aircraft. We employ this aircraft for smaller scale flight test programs. Our experience in Power Distribution Unit (PDU) design and analysis make the modification of this aircraft a viable option for flight test projects.

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Structural Testing

AEROCON provides structural testing for determination of approved allowable limits, established by the FAA, for aircraft components and materials. We can perform many types of structural testing. The following is a partial list of materials tested in our lab:

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Custom Design

Aerocon can provide assistance in all phases of aerospace product development, realization, supply, and support.

All designs incorporate Aerocon's standard engineering practices:

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