Auxiliary Fuel Systems

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Aerocon’s modular auxiliary fuel systems are an easy way to extend the range of your aircraft. A wide variety of configurations are available to match your operational requirements. With an extremely low 0.99 lbs installed weight per gallon of fuel carried, Aerocon’s systems provide an optimal balance between fuel capacity and system weight.

The Aerocon system is designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance, with state-of-the art electronics and robust manufacturing principles. And, like every product we sell, it’s backed by Aerocon’s uncompromising commitment to technical excellence and customer support throughout the aircraft life cycle.

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System Features

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Lighter Weight

Robust Design

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Easier to Maintain

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Data & Specifications

Fueling System

Flight Deck Interface

Light Weight

No Fuel Odor in Cabin

SFAR-88 Compliant

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Media Files

System Operation

3D Animation showing typical operation of the Aerocon Auxiliary Fuel System.

System Schematic

Typical system schematic, showing interface, control and sensor points.

Comparison to Other Systems

A comparison of the Aerocon Auxiliary Fuel System to the typical properties of other types of systems. (767 shown for reference, other aircraft models similar)

Modular Tank Unit

Description of the typical elements of a cylindrical tank module. (767 shown for reference, other aircraft models similar)

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